ag娱乐平台登录|F1| 雷诺领队谈阿隆索造访:看到他眼中的兴奋


With Renault’s return to F1 as a manufacturer’s team, it has experienced tremendous growth in investment in recent years. Team leader Abitbol said that Alonso looked at his headquarters in Enstone, England and the engine headquarters in Villichatillon, France. I am happy with everything.


   "I can tell you that he was really impressed by all the changes in the virus," Abitbor said. "All the newcomers, energy, motivation, and determination are in Veri to develop a new chassis for 2022."

Abitbor说:“我可以告诉你,病毒的所有变化给他留下了深刻的印象。” “所有新来者,精力,澳门ag娱乐平台动力和决心都在Veri开发2022年的新底盘。”

   "It is very important for us to see Fernando, see his pride, and see the excitement in his eyes. He has also witnessed all the changes in Enstone."


   "But a beautiful building does not tell what will happen in the future. Therefore, we need to work very hard to make sure he has the car he wants and deserves."




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