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On the evening of October 20, 2020 nationwide


Ren Qi, born in 1984, announced his retirement after finishing the 2018 Asian Games mission. In the past two years, he has become a member of the Shanghai Men's Volleyball coaching staff. This is his first time leading a team. In the Shanghai men's volleyball team he led, the oldest player Zhan Guojun was born in 1988, and the youngest was Xi Qingyuan, born in 2002. "After the league, we went back and made adjustments. During this time, we focused on physical training and less technical training." Ren Qi introduced the team, "There is little time to cooperate with each other, more difficulties, and the oldest. Zhan Guojun and the youngest post-00 player are a teenager, and there will be many problems with cooperation and incompatibility, and many players rarely play league games and lack game experience."


The setter Zhan Guojun was called "Uncle Zhan" by his teammates, which shows his status in the team. As a veteran of the team this time, Zhan Guojun spoke more in the game. He took the initiative to communicate with his young teammates. "Cooperate with Dai Qingyao, Chen Longhai, Zhang Zhejia, etc., and have a better understanding of each other. This time I have to take more responsibility and demand myself higher, because the small team members are watching me and try to make up as much as possible." Zhan Guojun said. Every time a teammate is uncomfortable with the ball slam, Zhan Guojun will tell them the problem as soon as possible and take the responsibility, "I didn't pass it well, and I am ready for the next one."

二传手詹国钧被队友称为“詹叔叔”,显示了他在队中的地位。这次,作为国家队的老将,詹国俊在比赛中谈到更多。他主动与年轻的队友进行交流。 “与戴庆耀,陈龙海,张哲佳等人合作,彼此之间有了更好的了解。这一次,我必须承担更多的责任,并要求自己更高,因为小团队成员正在注视着我并努力弥补越多越好。”詹国钧说。每次队友对球拍感到不舒服时,詹国军都会尽快告诉他们问题并承担责任:“我没有很好地通过,我已经准备好迎接下一个。”

"Zhan Guojun did a very good job today, reflecting the value of the old players. Not only can he play well, but he can also help young teammates play well." Ren Qi praised Zhan Guojun for playing a good role after the game.


Tian Cong, who was born in 1999, was selected for the National Youth Men's Volleyball Team in 2014 and 2015 as his main attacker, and was also selected for the National Youth Men's Volleyball Team in 2017 and 2018. He is a potential stock of the Shanghai team. This is also his first game this year. "As a small player, it's mainly emotion-driven technology. We don't have any baggage to attack others." Tian Cong said, playing with the old player Zhan Guojun, Tian Cong said frankly is a kind of learning. "He led us to play on the court and played with the spirit of Shanghai Men's Volleyball. The six consecutive championships of the Shanghai Men's Volleyball League depend not on one person, but on the team. Six people on the court have to play a ball."

田聪(Tian Cong)生于1999年,他是2014ag娱乐平台登录年和2015年入选国家青年男子排球队的主要攻击者,并于2017年和2018年入选了国家青年男子排球队。上海队。这也是他今年的第一场比赛。 “作为一个小公司,它主要是情感驱动的技术。我们没有任何攻击其他人的包bag。”田聪说,和老球员詹国军一起玩,坦率地说是一种学习。 “他带领我们在球场上打球,并以上海男排的精神进行比赛。上海男排联赛连续六次夺冠并不取决于一个人,而是取决于球队。六个人必须在球场上打球。”

"We have to show ourselves and actively mobilize our emotions." Tian Cong said, this is what coach Ren Qi told them. This is also Ren Qi's coaching style. "Young players have a flamboyant personality and emotional ups and downs. I want to mobilize the enthusiasm of young players. I still need to learn in this respect." Ren Qi said, "I will communicate with them more. After all, when I was a player, I was more passionate. I use words, emotions and facial expressions to infect them, hoping to drive them."

“我们必须表现出自己并积极调动我们的情绪。”田聪说,这是任琦教练告诉他们的。这也是任琦的执教风格。 “年轻球员个性鲜明,情绪起伏很大。我想调动年轻球员的热情。我仍然需要在这方面学习。”任琦说:“我将与他们进行更多的交流。毕竟,当我成为一名球员时,我会更加充满激情。我会通过言语,情感和面部表情来感染它们,希望以此来驱动他们。”

As the executive coach's first game, Ren Qi gave himself a passing score. He believes that there is room for improvement in the timing of the midfield timeout and the communication with the players. This competition is a good exercise for him and the team.


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