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Written By: Billy Collins
Illustrated By: Karen Romagna



Summary: Voyage is an illustrated poem of fantasy, imagination, and magical transformations. A young boy searching the beach for treasure comes across a sailboat and pushes out to sea. Magically the boat becomes a book, and the little boy finds himself living out its adventure, pirate ship and all, far away in the fantastic world of words…until at last, as evening calms the winds, he returns to shore, pulling the boat behind him onto the sand.

Rating: 3 ***

A simple poem about a boy in a boat which becomes a book and as he reads this book he’s transported physically and imaginatively.

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Ferry Tail

Written By: Katharine Kenah
Illustarted By: Nicole Wong


Ferry Tail

Fed up with Cupcake the cat, Walter the dog leaves his ferry-boat home. Unwanted and unfamiliar with his island surroundings, Walter relies on none other than Cupcake to guide him home.

Rating: 4 ****

Interesting background for a book. The beginning covers all different parts of ferry life.

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