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Mad Scientist Academy

By: Matthew McElligott


Mad Scientist Academy: The Dinosaur Disaster

Summary: Dr. Cosmic’s class of clever monsters at the Mad Scientist Academy solve the greatest challenges in science, in this perfect blend of adventure and exploration.”

Rating: 3 ***

A fun twist on a dinosaur book. All of the students are fantasy creatures such a vampires, wearwolves, robots and more. A cute story, although because the story is factual at times the writing seems too dry.

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Sea Rex

By: Molly Idle


Sea Rex

Summary: Cordelia spends a day at the beach with her dinosaur friends.

Rating: 2 **

The story line is difficult to follow.

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If I had a Raptor

By: George O’Connor


If I Had a Raptor

Our heroine can’t think of anything better than bringing home a baby raptor -all teensy and tiny, fluffy and funny. It would cuddle and play, stalk birds and dust bunnies, and curl up on laps. In short, it would be the perfect pet!

Rating: 4 ****

A little girl rationalizes all of the reasons a raptor would make a good pet. A great book for dinosaur lovers.

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By Jonny Duddle



Four young dinosaurs are told to fear the gigantosaurus, but when the lookout among them decides to have a little fun, they all learn a valuable lesson about false warnings.

Rating: 3 ***

An interesting twist on the boy who played wolf story and dinosaur lover will adore, but the rhyming is a bit forced.

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Sammy and the Dinosaurs

By Ian Whybrow

Sammy and the Dinosaurs

Sammy discovers a box of dusty toy dinosaurs in the attic. He cleans them and takes them everywhere, including the library where he looks up all of their names, which he whispers to them. And the dinosaurs whisper their thanks.

Rating: *****

My son became instantly interested in dinosaurs after reading this book. It’s also captures the special bond between children and their toys.

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