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Betty Doll

By: Phoebe Wahl

Patricia Polacco


Summary: Whenever Mary Ellen needed Betty Doll, she was there. Betty Doll saw her through happy and sad times, thunderstorms and parties, weddings and births. Now, when Mary Ellen’s daughter Trisha needs Betty Doll most, she rediscovers the sweet old doll, along with a letter written by her mother before she died. This touching story is a reminder of the power of a mother’s love and the joy of life’s precious moments.

Rating: 3 ***

A sweet story about how important a doll can be to a little girl.

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By: Barbara McClintock



Summary: Charlotte does not like dolls, until she receives a special doll from her aunt and they become good friends.

Rating: 3 *****

A wonderful doll story for the modern-age girl.

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