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Interstellar Cinderella

Written By: Deborah Underwood
Illustrated By: Meg Hunt

Interstellar Cinderella


Summary: In this outer space adaptation of the fairy tale in rhyme, Cinderella dreams of becoming a spaceship mechanic.

Rating: 3 ***

A fun girl empowered take on a fairy tale. However, the rhyming holds the story back.

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The Most Wonderful Thing in the World

Written By: Vivian French
Illustrated By: Angela Barrett

The Most Wonderful Thing in the World


Summary: A retelling of a fairy tale follows a young man who becomes a princess’ unlikely suitor when the king and queen issue a decree that whoever presents them with the most wonderful thing in the world will win their daughter’s hand in marriage.

Rating: 5 *****

An absolutely beautiful story about what parents hold dear — their children.

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B. Bear and Lolly

Written By: A.A. Livingston
Illustrated By: Joey Chou


B. Bear and Lolly: Catch that Cookie

Best friends B. Bear and Lolly are working on their invention, a Porridge Perfector, when the Gingerbread Man wrecks the machine and keeps running without apologizing or offering to help.

Rating: 3 ***

Goldilocks and Baby Bear meet the Gingerbread Man, chase the Gingerbread Man and make friends with the Gingerbread man.

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Hansel and Gretel

Written By: Neil Gaiman
Illustrated By: Lorenzo Mattotti


Hansel and Gretel

Summary: Two abandoned children come upon a gingerbread cottage inhabited by a cruel witch who wants to eat them.

Rating: 3 ***

It’s the classic story we all know and love. The most interesting aspect of this book is the history of the fairy tale itself in the back of the book. Mattotti’s illustrations are pretty difficult to see. They’re mostly really black and shadowy. Even more interesting is the text and pictures are on completely different, alternating pages.

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Brave Chicken Little

By: Robert Byrd


Brave Chicken Little

A retelling of the classic story of Chicken Licken, who has an acorn fall on his head and runs in a panic to his friends Henny Penny, Lucky Ducky, and others, to tell them the sky is falling.

Rating: 3 ***

Byrd adds lots of fun characters from different fairy tales as the little chicken saves the day and them.

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