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No David

By: David Shannon


No David

A young boy is depicted doing a variety of naughty things for which he is repeatedly admonished, but finally he gets a hug.

Rating: 4 ****

It’s actually very sad. The boy is told no over and over again. It’s understandable why, but still sad. There should be a hug after every page.

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Meanie Head

By: Eric Bruce Kaplan


Meanie Head

Henry and Eve are going through a phase of fighting with each other all the time, and their battle quickly escalates from arguing over a toy to leaving a path of destruction across the United States and beyond.

Rating: 3 ***

Very hyperbolic book. The kids go on to destroy the world and then make up after doing so. Probably a good book for siblings who are prone to this hyperbole themselves though — he broke my toy and it’s now the end of the world. Even after the world has ended you can still make up.

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The Forgiveness Garden

By Lauren Thompson


The Forgiveness Garden
Reviewed by Children’s Book List

Two children from separate, long-feuding villages decide to put aside their hatred and build a forgiveness garden to bridge the gap between their communities and end the cycle of violence.

Rating: 4 ****

This book is based on a real-life forgiveness garden but doesn’t explain the concept very well. It does bridge well a transition to speak to children about world conflict but remains very abstract.

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