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The House Takes a Vacation

Written By: Jacqueline Davies
Illustrated By: Lee White

The House Takes a Vacation


While the Petersons are away, their house decides to take a trip to the sea to watch the “Dance of the Sunlight,” despite some groaning from the chimney and the basement’s refusal to rise to the occasion.

Rating: 3 ***

In this silly story, the family who lives in the house goes on vacation, so the components of the house decide to go on one too. Kids will love how all of the doors, windows, roof and other elements have personalities that interact throughout the book.

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Where Bear

By: Sophy Henn

Where Bear?


Summary: A bear cub that has grown up with a boy gets too big and bearish to continue living in a house, so the boy sets out with his friend to find him a new place to live.

Rating: 3 ***

A nice story about emotions. As they visit different locations the bear says no for many different reasons, until they find the perfect place for him to call home.

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The House that’s your Home

Written By Sally Lloyd-Jones
Illustrated by Jane Dyer


The House that’s your Home

Celebrates all the things that make one’s home special, including the family that dwells there.

Rating: 3 ***

The story reads like it should be in rhyme, especially since the last line is always the same on every page — In the house that’s your home. The typography is set so the reader reads it a certain way but the sound is off. The story is simple and matter of fact, about everyday objects that kids will know and identify with, something most little ones will really enjoy and take comfort in.

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