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I Will Take a Nap!

By: Mo Willems


I Will Take a Nap!

Gerald is tired and cranky and wants to take a nap, but Piggie is not helping.

Rating: 4 ****

A great book that teaches kids when you’re cranky it’s time to take a nap.

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By: Iris De Mouy



All of the animals in the jungle are grumpy–no, they will not take a nap! But one little girl may know just what to do to make sure these creatures can get some much-needed shut-eye.

Rating: 2 **

About ninety percent of the book is animals saying how bad naps are. Even though in the end they all take their naps, all of the “naps are for babies,” and “naps are a joke” text is counter productive to any caregiver whose children still take naps.

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No Nap

By Eve Bunting


Dad tries various activities to get Susie tired enough to take her nap, but they only exhaust him.

Rating: **

This book may be cute, but as a mom who has fought hard for her cranky toddler to take a nap I think this book sends the wrong message — that if you fight hard enough you don’t have to take a nap. As every mom knows naps are an important part of any toddler’s day. I’m looking forward to a follow up book — Yes Nap.

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