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Superfab Saves the Day

Written By: Jean Leroy
Illustrations By: Bérengère Delaporte


Superfab Saves the Day

With a large superhero costume collection, Superfab is the best-dressed superhero around, but his frequent costume changes often stop him from arriving in time to help people in trouble, until one day, his style sense may just save the day.

Rating: 3***

A silly story about a superhero with the powers of fashion sense. Might be good for stylish kids.

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Send for a Super Hero

Written By: Michael Rosen
Illustrated By: Katharine McEwen


Send for a Super Hero

A father reads his children a bedtime story about two villains whose plot to steal money and cover everything in slime is unsuccessfully countered by every superhero until Extremely Boring Man comes along with the power to put everyone to sleep.

Rating: 5 *****

A fun book with lots of copy to add inflections too, especially boring man. Wish there really was a second chapter.

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