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Around the Clock

By: Roz Chast

Around the Clock


Summary: Do you ever wonder what your friends, enemies, brothers, sisters, and children are doing in the hours when you’re not there? This kooky 24-hour tour of a day in the life of 23 different children will reveal answers you’d never expect.

Rating: 3 ***

An interesting concept, Chast shows different characters’ activities for every hour of the day. The rhymes are pretty rough, but the text inside the illustrations is very clever.

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At the Same Moment Around the World

By: Clotilde Perrin

At the Same Moment Around the World

Starting from the Greenwich meridian this book takes the reader east imagining what children are doing at that moment in each of the twenty-four time zones.

Rating: 4 ****

An interesting concept for a book, beginning at 6:00 a.m. in Dakar and going an hour ahead via the world time clock, yet the same moment in time, Perrin shows what is happening in various regions of the world. The illustrations are amazing, as each page covers two very different regions whether climatically or culturally, but are blended as they meet in the book’s seam. It’s a bit too adult to be a children’s book though.

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Dog In, Cat Out

By Gillian Rubinstein

Dog In, Cat Out

This book deftly presents the concepts of “in” and “out” by using nothing more for text than its title words in various combinations. A dog and cat pursue their daily routines as a toddler and her family follow theirs. Cheerfulness and humor highlight each scene, giving youngsters a glimpse into this particular household’s activities.

Rating: *****

A really nice way to learn about time. Each page has a clock and the activities around each time of the day are explored.

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