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Here Comes the Tooth Fairy Cat

Written By: Deborah Underwood
Illustrated By: Claudia Rueda


Here Comes the Tooth Fairy Cat

Cat tries to trick the Tooth Fairy, but he meets his match in a mischievous mouse.

Rating: 4 ****

A cute tale about what happens if you try to trick the tooth fairy.

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The Dinosaur Tooth Fairy

By Martha Brockenbrough

Illustrated by Israel Sanchez


The Dinosaur Tooth Fairy

Polishing her collection of fangs in a museum, the last Dinosaur Tooth Fairy is very lonely and longs for a new tooth, so when she spots a loose one she will do almost anything to get it–even face modern-day monsters.

Rating: 2**

This story is a rather confusing to follow. The illustrations tell part of the story that the words don’t. Would have loved to learn more about the dinosaur.

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