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Once a Shepherd

Written By: Glenda Millard
Illustrated By: Phil Lesnie


Once A Shepherd

A story of a shepherd who takes a young wife, goes to war, leaving a child behind, and dies.

Rating: 2 **

This really isn’t a story for young children, unless it’s meant for military families. One of the pages reads “Once he marched right into hell.” The language and the story are very bleak and depressing. Definitely not something you want to read a child before bedtime.

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Bear on the Homefront

Written By: Stephanie Innes
Illustrated By: Harry Endrulat


Bear on the Homefront

Summary: During World War II, ten thousand children from British cities were sent to live with host families away from the war zone. Bear on the Homefront retells the true story of two “guest children,” Grace and William Chambers, who cross the ocean and meet Aileen Rogers, a nurse serving on the homefront. With her is Teddy. Aileen, seeing William’s anxiety, lets her stuffed friend stay with the little boy throughout the train ride and ultimately throughout the war.

Rating: 3 ***

A really interesting point in history, Innes is the great-niece of Aileen Rogers and uses her great-aunt’s journal as inspiration for the story. The story is confusing at points because it is written from the bear’s perspective.

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