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First Snow

By: Peter McCarty

First Snow


Summary: When Pedro comes from far away to visit his cousins, who are eager to introduce him to snow, all Pedro can think about at first is how much he dislikes cold.

Rating: 3 ***

A book about not liking something, but still trying, and finding out it’s not so bad after all.

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Toys Meet Snow

Written By: Emily Jenkins
Illustrated By: Paul O. Zelinsky


Toys Meet Snow

Summary: While Little Girl is away on winter vacation, her toys, Lumphy, StingRay, and Plastic, decide to go outside and learn more about snow.

Rating: 2 **

Each toy offers a different perspective of snow.

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By: John Rocco



Summary: After a massive blizzard, a boy becomes a hero when he manages to walk to the local store and bring supplies back to his neighborhood which has been snowed in for days. Based on the author’s childhood experience.

Rating: 3 ***

A similar story to Snow Walker about a boy and his town are stuck in snow and no one can get to the grocery store, and the boy finds a way to get there and delivers groceries to his neighbors.

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A Bed for Bear

By: Clive McFarland


A Bed for Bear

Summary: While searching for a new place to hibernate, Bernard the bear disrupts the homes of several forest animals.

Rating: 3 ***

Bear explores all of his animal friends’ homes because his own cave is no longer working for him, but he ends up right where he started, seeming to forget that he didn’t like it.

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The Winter Train

Written By: Susanna Isern
Illustrated By: Ester Garcia


The Winter Train

As the cold weather approaches, the forest animals prepare to board the train that will take them to a warmer place for the winter, but then someone realizes that Squirrel is missing.

Rating: 3 ***

The book starts out as a hibernation book covering all of the animals that cannot live in the winter climate such as the rabbit, deer and badger. They’re all packing up for the winter. And after the animals pack up it turns into a story of friendship and trying and cooperation as the animals work together to get the train going in the winter.

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Winter’s Coming

Written By: Jan Thornhill
Illustrated By: Josee Bisaillon


Winter’s Coming A Story of Seasonal Change

Summary: When Lily, a young snowshoe hare, hears that winter is coming, she does not know what to expect, even as the other animals explain what they do to cope with the change of seasons, although, they note, snowshoe hares do not need to do the same.

Rating: 3 ***

This story is told from the viewpoint of a young rabbit who has never experienced winter and asks each of the animals about it as she watches them prepare. Bisaillon’s images are so subtle you’ll be reviewing them to see how winter changes after the book ends.

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A Hat for Minerva Louise

Written By: Janet Morgan Stoeke


A Hat for Minerva Louise

Minerva Louise, a snow-loving chicken, mistakes a pair of mittens for two hats to keep both ends warm.

Rating: 5 *****

A fun story for kids to respond to and interact with and for kids to start thinking about preparing for winter and their own wardrobe they might need.

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The Mitten

By Alvin Tresselt

The Mitten
Reviewed by Children’s Book List

A retelling of the traditional tale of how a boy’s lost mitten becomes a refuge from the cold for an increasing number of animals.

Rating: 5 *****

An adorable story about how there’s always room for one more, at least to a point.

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