In the 2-0 victory over Reims in Paris, Neymar suffered a calf injury at the last minute and will miss the next round against Angers. The "Aspen" analyzed that this injury, coupled with the possible suspension, may make him absent from the Ligue 1 game born in 2020.

在巴黎以2-0战胜兰斯的比赛中,内马尔在最后一刻遭受了小腿伤,将缺席下一轮对阵昂澳门ag娱乐平台热的比赛。 《阿斯彭》分析说,这种伤病以及可能的停赛,可能会使他缺席2020年出生的Ligue 1游戏。

This brand new season was quite unsatisfactory for Neymar. He missed the Ligue 1 opener in Paris because he tested positive for the new crown virus, and then he was absent because he received a red card in the match against Marseille. The 3rd and 4th rounds of the league. After 5 rounds of the league, Neymar played only 2 games.

这个崭新的季节对内马尔来说并不令人满意。他错ag娱乐平台登录过澳门ag娱乐平台了在巴黎举行的Ligue 1揭幕战,因为他对新的冠状病毒进行了阳性检测,然后因为与马赛的比赛中获得红牌而缺席。联赛的第三轮和第四轮。联赛经过5轮,内马尔只踢了2场比赛。

   More terrible is yet to come. He has determined that he will not be able to play in the 6th round against Angers due to injury. I don't know if the injury will make him absent for longer. The Ligue 1 Disciplinary Committee will announce the results of its investigation into Neymar’s suspected racial discrimination remarks on September 30, local time. Neymar may face up to 10 league bans. By the end of 2020, Paris will play a total of 17 rounds in Ligue 1.

更可怕的事情尚未到来。他确定他将因受伤而无法参加第六轮对阵昂热。我不知道受伤是否会使他缺席更长时间。 Ligue 1纪律委员会将于当地时间9月30日宣布对Neymar涉嫌种族歧视言论的调查结果。内马尔可能面临多达10个联赛禁令。到2020年底,巴黎将在Ligue 1进行总共17场比赛。

   If Neymar is really suspended for 10 league games, then he may have to say goodbye to the 2020 Ligue 1 game in advance. However, Neymar may also play for Paris in the Champions League.


(Lin dengwan)


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