Original title: Despair! JDG is crushed by DWG, is LPL’s Lilia really bad?

原标题:绝望! JDG被DWG压倒ag娱乐平台登录了,LPL的Lilia真的很糟糕吗?

On October 3, 2020, Beijing time, the first day of the 2020 League of Legends Global Finals group stage ushered in a duel between LCK No. 1 seed DWG and LPL No. 2 seed JDG. Although JDG is the second seed of the LPL, they have played very well this season. Therefore, for this matchup, many people also feel that the two sides are likely to play back and forth. But what people did not expect was that in the first game of the JDG group stage, JDG encountered a DWG crushing victory and lost the first game of its own group stage.

2020年10月3日,北京时间,即2020年英雄联盟全球总决赛小组赛的第一天,LCK 1号种子DWG和LPL 2号种子JDG决斗。尽管JDG是LPL的第二种子,但他们在本赛季的表现非常出色。因此,对于这场比赛,很多人还认为双方都有可能来回比赛。但是人们没想到的是,在JDG小组赛的第一场比赛中,JDG遇到了DWG压倒性的胜利,并输掉了自己小组赛的第一场比赛。

Judging from the BP of both sides, both JDG and DWG have come up with a set of upper midfield lineups with strong rhythmic ability in the early and mid-term. It can be said that with such an upper midfielder, whoever can gain an advantage in the early stage will master the absolute initiative on the field. However, with the invasion of the JDG first-level group and a wave of small-scale team battles on the two-person road shortly after the start, JDG directly lost the early rhythm and initiative.


In the subsequent games, although JDG also looked for opportunities to regain the disadvantages, but helplessly, DWG deserves to be the No. 1 seed in the LCK division, not only in the excellent snowball ability after gaining the advantage, but also in the advantage game. Still fighting steadily and not giving any chance of execution is also hopeless. In the end, DWG also relied on the economic advantage of around 15,000, which made it very easy to get its start.




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